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Content Strategy
  • Work with leading entrepreneurs, venture capital investors and experts in each of our articles to ensure top-quality content
  • Actionable ideas for senior management, through the stories of other growth companies
  • Focus on business innovation – be it in product development, business or revenue model or management practices
  • An objective approach to the stories of growth companies and startups in the 100 crore to 1000 crore segment
  • Propagate latest management ideas across functions – marketing, sales, human resources, finance, legal, organization behaviour, leadership and strategy
Content Mix – Snapshot
  • Growth Enterprise: The strategy adopted by companies greater than 100 crores in size
  • Starting Up: The early stages of implementing a new business idea
  • Leadership: What top-management professionals need to think about
  • Brand Strategy: The ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of brand building
  • Talent Management: How does a company keep its workforce happy?
  • First Account: The growth of a venture through the eyes of it’s CEO with in-depth and intricate details about the strategies adopted
  • Serial Entrepreneur: The stories of entrepreneurs who build on a idea, let go through selling their venture, and then create a new venture all over again

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