S. Prem Kumar,
Co-founder and CEO

Prem is responsible for managing day-to-day operations at Smart Media Group (SMG). He manages the content and operations team, apart from being responsible for charting out the overall growth strategy for SMG. He’s also the Editor of The Smart CEO Magazine.

Prior to founding Smart Media Group, Prem worked for over 3.5 years at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in Austin, TX. At AMD, Prem worked on next generation microprocessor design, new product development and was an integral part of AMD’s mobile processor development team. Prem has a B.E in Engineering from University of Madras and a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Texas, Austin.

S. Madan Kumar,
Co-founder and chief sales officer

Madan heads the sales team at Smart Media Group. He plays a key role bringing in advertising revenues and building relationships with prospective clients. He’s also responsible for overall strategic planning at SMG.

Currently, he also serves as Director at Work Protocols, a HR consulting and RPO firm based out of Chennai. Prior to founding Work Protocols, Madan held several senior sales and marketing roles at Mindware, Online Distributions and Unilogin Technologies in India, Singapore, and Dubai. Madan has an MBA in Marketing from PSG Institute of Management.